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Dear Amplifier,

As a person eager to make a difference, I invite you to join the Amplify America community by using this social card template to share what meaningful actions you will engage in to solve the issues we explore. Your completed social card will serve as a witness to the power of advocacy and volunteerism in effectuating change.

1. Fill in the blanks.

a. Amplify Your Issue: Identify a social issue that matters to you.

b. Amplify Your People: Highlight advocates, experts, and others in your community committed to solving the issue.

c. Amplify Your Solutions: Consider a variety of tenable solutions that will fix the problem.

d. Amplify Your Actions: Get to work. Serve as an advocate on behalf of this issue and identify when and where you will volunteer to advance systemic change.

2. Indicate your name or social media handle in the “Amplifier Name” field.

3. On your social media, post using the hashtags #AmplifyAmerica #AmplifyAction #Amplifier

We will repost as many as we can and you will connect with others, like yourself, who are committed to emboldening real-world solutions for the good of all.

I can’t wait to see the various ways we will Amplify America!

With unshakable faith and boundless optimism,


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