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A movement dedicated to

Social Issues, the People They Affect, and Real Solutions


Amplify America is a movement that highlights social issues, the people affected by them, and the people working to find solutions to our nation’s most persistent problems. Amplifiers are people striving to live better lives, people considered advocates and experts in their field, everyday people who freestyle creative solutions to persistent social issues, and YOU — concerned individuals eager to make a difference through informed action and a diligent commitment to sustainable change.

We’re talking about

Real Issues

  • Food insecurity
  • Homelessness
  • Low-income & affordable housing
  • Rural housing
  • Adult literacy
  • Community college
  • Historically Black colleges & universities
  • Higher education affordability & viability
  • Digital divide
  • Financial insecurity & literacy
  • Health disparities
  • Mental health
  • Elder care
  • Foster care
  • Domestic violence
  • Human trafficking
  • Restorative justice
  • …and more!

How you can do your part

Amplify Action


STEP 1 Amplify Issues

Identify a social issue that matters to you. Learn how the issue has been allowed to fester. What factors contributed to its rise in potency? 


STEP 2 Amplify People

1. Empathize with the impact the issue has on people’s lives. Read, listen to, and watch first-hand accounts of how the issue presents a challenge for everyday people. What cost has the issue had on the lives of others and the community at large?
2. Discover advocates, experts, and others committed to solving the issue. How have their contributions helped to ameliorate the problem?

STEP 3 Amplify Solutions

Consider a variety of solutions that will fix the problem. Note what those solutions require. Assess what you can do to bring them to fruition. What solutions can you see yourself advancing?


STEP 4 Amplify Action

Engage in advocacy and volunteerism regarding the issue. Use your voice to publicly support the cause and policies that advance systemic change. Use your talents and time to advance the work of a cause or organization in support of your issue without being paid. How will you serve as an advocate on behalf of this issue? Where and when will you volunteer?


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